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Who We Are

@TeamPinkPackage we are cancer survivors who have grown through challenges, cried on the floor in defeat, laughed in unexpected moments, felt utterly alone and loved all at once. Bottomline- WE GET IT! We remind women that it's ok to be sad, happy, mad, anxious, joyful or even laugh in hard times.

Our Mission

Our focus is to uplift and support women who are currently undergoing cancer treatment. Your purchase enables @TeamPinkPackage to donate Pink Packages to women at hospitals, clinics and treatment centers. Help us #supporther and spread the love!

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Our Philosophy

We believe that people inherently want to help when challenges strike, but rarely know what to say or do. Pink Package takes that hesitation away by presenting you with several options to PINK your friend, family member, neighbor or colleague with joyful gifts she will want and need during her [cancer, loss, relationship, health] journey.

@TeamPinkPackage we are GIFTING REINVENTED and we're here to help you find a way to send doses of encouragement to #supporther so that she has something to uplift her spirits throughout her journey, because [after all] the middle can be the hardest part.

Meet the Founder

Our founder, Katy Smith of Minneapolis, has harnessed her own experiences to curate items of joy and inspiration in the most challenging times. At 33, she was diagnosed with "occult [hidden] breast cancer", a rare form that accounts for 2% of all breast cancer patients.

"...I was overwhelmed with gratitude by those who stayed with me throughout my breast cancer journey. I know there were many more who were thinking of me, but didn’t know what to say or do.  That’s when the idea for Pink Package came to life. I wanted to create a light from what could have been a very dark experience and help others in the process.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to fight back and can now #supporther. Going through this experience has opened so many doors to help others and I choose to focus on that each day. I choose joy."

                                                    Your Team Captain,


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