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Perfect for yours truly who couldn't live without her precious pooch. Complete with a handwritten gift note and choice of wrapping sticker in the notes field at right.


This package includes:

Sipper Sleeve - "Dog Mom"

Dog Socks - "Sorry I can't I have plans with my dog"; Cotton, one size fits all

Enamel Pin - "Some things fill your heart without trying"

Paw Balm - works wonders for chapped and damaged paw pads

Dog Charm - "Best in Show"


"Dog Mom" Package

  • All items are Paraben, Sulfate, and cruelty free based upon vendor descriptions. Products are sourced domestically (so you are supporting over 30 small businesses and non-profit initiatives- yay you!) and may include items from VT, CT, WA, MN, NJ, TX, IL, WA, and IN to name a few.

    Pink Package LLC is not responsible for the use/misuse of these products. Please consult your physician if you have specific questions or contact the product manufacturer for additional details.

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