A chocolate bar you can send in the mail! Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging and comes in multiple flavors. Just take it toany post office and ship it off  for a quick and easy “thinkin’ of you", "thank you" or "just because". Alicja Confections recently won Silver in the International Chocolate Awards.


Select from your choice of:

  • Movie Night - Caramel Corn Dark Chocolate, Movie Night is a 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Packed full of caramel popcorn, it’s the perfect movie night treat.
  • Mentha - (Pink Floral) Mentha is a 54.5% dark chocolate bar. A creamy and refreshing mint.
  • Fleur de Sel - (Blue Floral) Fleur de Sel is a 54.5% dark chocolate bar. Sweet and silky dark chocolate salted with the highest quality sea salt.
  • Lime Zest - (Pink Lime) Lime Zest is a 54.5% dark chocolate bar. A zesty and unique chocolate bar. Made by grinding freeze dried lime juice into dark chocolate.

Chocolate Postcard