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Luxurious compilation of artisan made bath and body products by Benjamin Soap Company. Products in this package have been curated in collaboration with our Woman & BIPOC Owned business partners in Texas.


This package includes:

  • Bath Bomb (your fragrance choice) - Hand crafted artisan made in Austin; available in Rose, Charcoal Sea Salt or Lavender Vanilla (Organic, chemical free)
  • Lavender Rose Body Polish - 2 oz artisan made exfoliating scrub (Organic, cruelty, chemical free)
  • Jasmine Clementine Bath Salts - 2.5 oz (Organic, chemical free)
  • JOY + BLISS citrine and labradorite crystals - Crystals have been used in holistic healing and self-care practices for centuries. Specific properties, unique beauty, and positive energy of the crystals included. Smile on and enjoy the gifts life has to offer!


CITRINE // JOY: Sunshine and positivity in crystal form! Encouragement to feel strong in your power, brilliance, and creativity while tapping into the abundance of the universe.


LABRADORITE // BLISS: Place on the third eye chakra to access your intuition and inner magic! Connects you to the present moment with clarity and releases attachments to old habits.n may blossom from your heart. A healing balm for all relationships, relieving tension and discord.

"Pamper Package"


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