For that special someone you wish you could SEA in person, send this curation that is guaranteed to delight. Complete with a handwritten gift note and a themed "Wish I Could SEA you" wrapping sticker.


This package includes:

9" Turtle Warmie - subtle lavender aroma, heatable

"Seas the Day" - 14 oz Premium Soy Candle (Cardomon | Clove | Amber)

Sage & Rose Bundle - from the "Happy House" collection; burn end for 30 seconds, walk around to cleanse your space, bring calm and balance

Jellyshell Gummies - 7 oz gluten free premium gummies

Seasalt Charcoal Bath Bomb - known for its purifying qualities, a great way to detox and relax


Products in this package were curated in partnership with small and woman owned businesses in Illinois, New Jersey, California, and Texas.


"Wish I Could SEA You" Package