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A few options for you to check out! Let me know what you like/don't like! These are base prices for individual gifting. Additional $5 for packaging (box, tissue, gift card, custom sticker, filler) and $10 for shipping. We can also do a bulk order of something (20 or more) and I can see what we can do about potentially lowering the cost. 


Option 1: Mug, Chocolate, Coffee Steeper $20

Option 2: Mug, Chocolate, Royal Treatment Tea $20

Option 3: Cracker, towel, gouda, cheese spreader $18

Option 4: Summer Sausage, Cheddar Block, TY Crackers (can do a non Thank You themed cracker as well) $18

Option 5: TY Cracker, Cheddar Block, Artisan Salt N Pepper Cashews (can also do a glass jar for packaging, see next photo) $18

Option 6: Lotus Acai Blossom Candle, Matchsticks $20

Option 7: Milk Chocolate Popcorn Bar, Movie Trivia Cards $20

Option 8: Tumbler (different designs available) with choice of Old Fashioned Cocktail Cube, Moscow Mule Cocktail Cube or Margarita Mix $24-$30

KB Sneak Peak


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