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Enjoy this Tea for Two! We're honored to work with the women at Big Heart Tea in St. Louis, MO and we just added these fantastic sampler sizes that contain to sachets of tea. All tea is Certified Organic by ODAFF 100% recyclable outer packaging and 100% compostable inner packaging. Made in United States of America.


Please Select one of the following:

  • Chai: Peppery, naturally sweet chai stimulates digestion and warms you up from the inside. Ingredients: organic tulsi, organic red rooibos, organic cardamom, organic cinnamon, organic ginger, star anise, peppercorn, allspice.
  • Cup of Sunshine: Signature turmeric tea. Tisane, turmeric, ginger, & malabar peppercorn pack a triple punch of anti-inflammatory power. Not to mention, Cup of Sunshine is great for building your immune system and stimulating digestion. Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic tulsi, organic Malabar peppercorn, organic cinnamon.
  • Cup of Love: mild, nurturing, naturally sweet rose tea. Crafted by hand to reduce stress and soothe your soul. A floral olfactory release, just like a hug from your grandma. Ingredients: organic rose, organic tulsi.
  • Royal Treatment: Created to help balance the adrenal glands of even the most hardcore coffee drinker. A relaxing and stimulating mix of mint and lavender to soothe your senses. Ingredients: organic spearmint, organic peppermint, organic lavender, organic tulsi, organic gingko leaf


Tea Sachets


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